Solutions for beautiful hair – homemade hair masks

An immense amount of news and blogposts are being produced nowadays, regarding the negative impact of air pollutants, processed foods and cosmetics with harmful chemical compositions that affect our skin and hair – as well as our general health. For this reason, the shelves of drugstores bend from being over cumbered with cosmetics and relevant products. Natural cosmetics are usually more expensive than the standard chemical-based ones. They’re also in greater demand due to the current health trend, so various brands know well that they can raise their prices up. But what isn’t well known is the fact that homemade hair masks can be equally as effective, and are far cheaper – all that is needed is a bit of effort and enthusiasm.

So why is it worth to use homemade hair masks?


The first reason is the most obvious. Price. We can make a specified oil or mask from the products available in every store, which can be bought fairly cheaply as well. There’s also a likely chance that we’ll have the ingredients at home, because the homemade cosmetics aren’t made from overly-complicated, rare and inaccessible products. Some of the required ingredients are the most common goods that are usually included in our everyday diet. So making a homemade hair mask is extremely cheap, simple and gratifying – it’s a surprise that so many people opt for the dear, store-bought options. If you have the effort and required products, then purchasing natural cosmetics in store is completely inefficient.

Accurate and complete knowledge of the composition

If we make a hair mask at home, we know perfectly well what ingredients go inside. We know the quality of these ingredients, and the proportions that have been used. At the back of the packaging of drugstore hair masks, the composition is usually clearly specified – BUT the language is uncanny and incomprehensive to most. And it often happens that even a single unwanted component can make us refrain from purchasing the product. We can avoid this by creating our own perfectly suitable essential hair products, without the need to stress or spend money on products that we’re not completely satisfied with.

The way it works

Homemade hair masks have excellent moisturising and nourishing effects. Natural substances strongly contribute to the improvement of the condition of hair and scalp. Remember – our ancestors also nurtured their skin and hair with natural products, and it was recorded that it worked wonders e.g. Cleopatra and her baths in milk and honey for benefit of complexion. It’s not a myth!

The most popular homemade hair masks

You can find below two main recipes for recommended hair masks:

  1. Regenerating mask – with a hint of linseed

Linseed (modified flax seeds) is a source of omega-3 fat-acids, vitamin E, mucous substances, protein, potassium and zinc. When applied on hair, it quickly regenerates the damaged split ends. The mask can be made as follows: mix a 1/4 cup of linseed with boiling water and stir well. A transparent gel should form. If required, you can thin it our or thicken it – as long as a gelly texture is created. We should then put the chilled gel on our hair and hold it there for several minutes, and then wash our hair thoroughly with a delicate shampoo.

  1. shine-generating and strengthening mask – with a herbal essence

In order to make the mask we’ll need: 1/3 cup vegetable oil, a teaspoon of chamomile, nettle leaf, egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Now the first thing you need to do is to heat the oil and soak the herbs in it for a couple of minutes. Strain the substance, add egg yolk, honey and lemon juice. Finally, we’ll be able to rub the mixture into the hair, wrapping it with foil and a towel. Then we simply wait for a minimum of half an hour and wash our hair thoroughly.