For our hair, winter is one of the most difficult periods of the entire year. A multitude of factors may harm their condition during this season. This is why it is important to remember to give it proper care and attention – after all, its likely that everyone of us at some point discovered that winter is not your hair’s best friend. First thing we should always remember is to wear a hat – is has been discussed and debated for a long time whether it is best for hair to be free of all hats or the opposite. The answer is that a hat can both harm and protect our hair. If we are not careful and gentle it can be harmful, however if we put it on and take it off delicately then our hair won’t experience much wear and tear. Hats can also protect the hair from wet, dry, cold and hot temperatures, so there’s many positives to the accessory. We need to remember – a hat is our best friend despite the fact that it can ruin our hairstyle. Thanks to wearing a hat our hair will be healthier, since cold has a really bad effect on it – not only on individual strands of hair, but also on hair follicles – and if they are damaged, then we will begin the journey to hair loss and slow growth rates. A choice of hat is also crucial – the best idea would be to buy products made of wool or other soft, non-synthetic materials – only then the skin will breathe properly and thus our hair will be safe. We should also avoid buying hats that are too tight for the same aforementioned reasons. If we experience a problem with electrifying hair, then this will be a good excuse to use the softener after every wash or to spray the inside of the hat with antistatic liquid.

hairs in winter

During the winter time hair often gains on thickness because of the heating and frequent wearing of hats. Nonetheless, washing it every day weakens it a great deal – therefore it is important to use proper shampoos and conditioners that will help with turning our fragile hair into stronger type, and at the same time protect it from further harm. After washing it try to air dry your hair before reaching out for additional heat related products e.g. hair dryers, after all not only we expose our hair to heat of a hat and at home/public places, but we also plan to blast it with even more heat at the end of the day. This is risky and can actually cause unnecessary harm. Unless we’re in a rush it’s always a good idea to shower earlier and to leave the hair alone to naturally dry in the room temperature. Though even if we are in a mad rush its best to dry our hair with the cool setting on the dryer. If we want to help our hair come over and battle the winter torments, then it is good to introduce hair oiling.

Shampoos, conditioners and other specialised products can be great goods which act as protection from winter and the constant changes of temperature i.e. when we enter boiling rooms and leave for cold weather outside. Bear in mind that hairstyles more suitable for winter are also a wise idea. For example it is probably best to keep it simple, e.g. pin the hair or let it loose – thanks to this the hairstyle is kept in order under the hat and hair ends are not harmed when rubbed against thick winter clothing. Besides, every hair strand gains more flexibility and air. It’s also best to use a natural brush that stops the hair from electrifying.


Last but not least, we all advise that you stick to a proper and healthy diet. After all, winter makes it more difficult for us to consume fresh fruit and vegetables, so we may lack in needed vitamins and microelements required as vital supplements for our entire body. This lack of nutrition is what causes most hair related issues. Get into a routine of eating sprouts, morning oatmeal, beans or nuts everyday in order to help yourself maintain the required vitamins. Most of all, it is absolutely necessary to drink much larger amounts of water – hydration from the inside is important too.