Every woman loves cosmetics and uses them on a daily basis, from make up to all sorts of beauty products. For every part of the body e.g. hair and fingernails there exist hundreds of various products, allowing you to not only look beautiful but also take care of your health. By regularly using cosmetics we beautify ourselves, but also take care of our bodies at the same time. Every part of the body thus has products on the market which meet its demands. Hair gets that extra special attention from manufacturers and brands, as everyone, even men want their hair to be shiny and healthy. So hair products are usually gender neutral and universal. Though in truth every one of us has specific needs and requirements apart from keeping our hair healthy. That is why grooming your hair with proper cosmetics is vital. hair waves One of the basic products present in every bathroom is a shampoo – thanks to this magical product we wash and cleanse our hair, while grooming it at the same time. It is essential to select a product which is specially designed for our strands of hair e.g. dyed hair, curly hair or deteriorated hair. We should always choose the one that aims to moisturise and strengthen our hair. There are so many shampoos in the market that it will not be difficult for us to choose the perfect one. Along with a shampoo we should also use a conditioner. It is always good to follow the same rule and choose the one appropriate for our specific needs, preferably from the same brand. There are many conditioners on drugstore/supermarket shelves and most of them require appliance during the process of washing our hair. However, there are also products that do not have to be washed away, coming in form of sprays, foams etc. Those can be easily and comfortably applied on your hair. Apart from shampoo and conditioner, it is essential to select additional grooming cosmetics. For weakened strands of hair it’s always a good choice to buy special creams and masks – applied just like conditioners, but for a little longer, and sometimes on dry hair. Trust me they work wonders! We can choose an entire line of other products – ranging from the ones which heal split ends to the ones that restore hair after we dye them. All varieties and types of hair require different nutrients and different grooming, so it should come as no surprise that hair cosmetic brands constantly try to develop their products and perfect them at all time. We have to keep in mind however, that some products, in spite of being great quality, may have negative results on our hair, in spite of working wonders for our friends and family. All hair is affected differently, and all hair responds differently to the chemicals we treat them with. It is thus essential to try out many cosmetics out there and find our favourite and most potent one. We should use cosmetics from different price ranges – both the cheap and professional ones can be used, as long as they work for us, are efficient and guarantee a considerable change. Those that are recommended by hairdressers gain extra points. They should all be as natural as possible, with as little chemicals as possible e.g. no additional silicones or oils. Everyone finds different things more suitable for their personal needs and more comfortable in use. However, cosmetics are not everything, and we should not rely on them too heavily. It is also important to follow a healthy diet in order to maintain our body healthy. Dietary supplements may come in handy, helping with hair growth and deterioration, strengthening it at the same time. It is worth it to learn what vitamins we require, and what additional therapies we could do with. Bear in mind that there are a multitude of recipes out there for home-made creams, masks and liquids that can aid you with your hair problems.